Home Based Full Body Sugaring Studio

Located in the Greens On Gardiner in Regina.


Hello, I’m Joani, and I am the owner and operator of Sugar Cane full body sugaring.
I moved from Calgary to Regina in January 2020 (What a time to move, eek!) and my partner and I have since bought our home in the Greens, added a fur baby (our dog Stella), and got engaged. I have been a sugaring client for the last 10 years as I am extremely prone to ingrown hairs so waxing wasn’t an option.
After learning more about my skin, my hair type, and how to best manage ingrown hairs, I decided to learn the art of sugaring for myself!
I was certified through Sugar Boss in August 2021, and I have since created a fully equipped home-based studio.
I am passionate about sugaring because it is the gentlest way to remove unwanted hairs without aggravating the skin, and I am a living example of that.
I had an amazing Sugarist take care of me in Calgary for years, and I love to pay that forward now to all my amazing clients.
Feel free to message me with any questions you may have, I can’t wait to meet you all.


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